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Matthew Walsh
September 8, 2022

Treasure has become the go-to treasury management platform for startups, specifically those in Seed Stage, Series A, and Series B. Being an early adopter of treasury management shows current and future investors your commitment to financial responsibility.

Seeing our clients succeed is our biggest driver. Has your bank ever deposited  $5,000, $8,000, $15,000… into your savings account? Most likely not. Today the average corporate savings account is a disappointing 0.13%. With Treasure Cash, your minimum return is 1.525%, and this increases as the Fed raises rates.

Airplane, a Series A company, was disappointed with the earnings they were receiving from their bank. Their team proactively joined Treasure, trusting us to safeguard Airplane's capital and be the best financial steward of their cash.

Airplane is an internal tooling platform that enables engineers to build and automate business processes. Today, core processes across ops, support, and engineering are often dependent on or glued together by scripts, manual tickets, and other hacks. Airplane's goal is to make it easy to productionize code-heavy operations by automating the necessary boilerplates so engineers can focus on the business-specific aspects.

"Treasure has provided higher yields with very little hassle and a high degree of trust. We were investigating Treasure and committed to it before the recent downturn, and we felt it was the best combo of good rates and a safe, trustworthy approach." -Ravi Parikh, CEO - Airplane

Here at Treasure, we understand the lifeblood of every company is revenue and profitability. The entrepreneur is a risk taker; however, a risk taker must be mindful of how these decisions impact those involved with their company and their own lives. That is why Treasure takes the most conservative approach in Treasury management. Safeguarding your business capital is our highest priority.

"There were other places to store cash that offered higher yields, but they were taking what we viewed as a really risky strategy (eg crypto lending). We are very happy we went with Treasure, since some of those higher-yield options seem to be in more trouble. Treasure is taking an approach that's very conservative but still gives us a better yield than our bank". -Ravi Parikh, CEO - Airplane

Our platform was designed for business owners who want to take their company's financial strength to the next level. We've seen companies leverage their Treasure account as a negotiating tactic when speaking to VCs. Companies show investors that their capital, when not deployed, is being put to its safest and best use. Treasure allows startups the confidence to go into their next funding round with financial stewardship in mind.

We want the best for all of our clients and have a great relationship with each. There is nothing like the feeling when another client successfully goes for their next round of funding and is excited to deposit those funds in their Treasure reserve account to generate even more.

Join Treasure today by signing up in less than 10 minutes and deposit funds at the click of a button. We are excited to welcome your company to the Treasure community.

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